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The Tla’amin Nation is a Coast Salish community situated north of the City of Powell River on the upper Sunshine Coast. Together with our neighboring nations, the Homalco First Nation, the Klahoose First Nation and the K’omoks First Nation, we comprise the Northern Coast Salish. Historically, Tla’amin, Klahoose and Homalco lived harmoniously with no borders or separations. To this day, we continue to have strong family ties, and together we speak the ʔayʔaǰuθəm dialect of the Coast Salish language family. 


The Tla’amin traditional territory spans from Stillwater near Jervis Inlet in the south, to Desolation Sound in the north. This also includes sayayɩn (Texada Island), ʔagayqsən (Harwood Island) qayɛ qʷən (Savary Island) kʷupƛač (Hernando Island), šɛtqaǰɛ (Marina Island) and parts of Cortes Island including former reserve lands at p̓aq̓iʔaǰɩm (Maple Village)

Other notable village sites: 

toqʷanan (Theodosia Inlet) 

q̓aq̓ɛyq̓ay (Grace Harbor) 

toxʷnač (Okeover Inlet) 

ƛaʔamɛn (Lund) 

šɛʔaystən (Emmonds Beach) 

ƛɛkʷanəm (Scuttle Bay) 

t̓išosəm (Sliammon Creek Village) 

tiskʷat (Powell River Falls) 

ʔahʔǰumɩχʷ (Willingdon Beach) 

χakʷum (Grief Point) 

To access more of the Tla’amin Language please visit our First Voices Page: https://www.firstvoices.com/explore/FV/sections/Data/Salish/Northern%20Salishan/Sliammon 

Or download our dictionary app here: https://mothertongues.org/ayajuthem/index.html

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Tla'amin Nation

The Tla'amin Nation (formerly known as the Sliammon First Nation) is located on British Columbia's Sunshine Coast, just north of Powell River. 

Our people have inhabited this region for thousands of years living in harmony with the land. We look forward to welcoming you in the summer of 2021 for the Annual Tribal Journeys celebration.


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