Oversized Canoes
Transportation of Oversized Canoes

Oversize canoes can be transported on top of vehicles with the proper permits, lights, flags and securement. There is a permit system in place which is free of charge. A trailer designed to carry the oversize canoes should also be considered.


The link takes you the permit for oversize load or for more information, you can contact the Government of B.C. Ministry of Transport site.

You may also call the permit centre to obtain the permit. The number of the permit centre is 1-800-559-9688

The permit for the oversize canoes is free of charge. The permit must be carried in the vehicle transporting the canoe to be presented to a Police officer or Peace officer if stopped and checked. The permit number is form CVSE1022.


The Motor Vehicle Act Regulations 

Section 19.02(3)(b)  a vehicle or combination of vehicle so loaded that the load extends more than 1 m beyond the front wheels thereof, or, if equipped with a front bumper, more than 1 m beyond the front bumper.

Section 91.02(3)(d) a vehicle or combination of vehicles the load which extends more than 185 cm (6 feet) beyond the back of the vehicle or combination of vehicles

However after 4 feet or 1.2 m a flag is required for day travel and a red light for night travel

The permit is free - VIOLATION for not having the permit however, is not!